Written by:

Kathy Woehrmann

April 8, 2017

Why did you choose W.I.T.T.S. Training Academy?

Our son showed an interest in basketball and we, as his parents, wanted to provide him with access to learn the skills to not only enjoy the game but improve and grow in the game.  Our son is the driver in attending W.I.T.T.S.; if he wants to put the work in, which he does, then we wanted to help him find a “basketball home” to learn and grow. We started at W.I.T.T.S. based on word of mouth (it’s definitely a truly special program) and soon realized how impactful W.I.T.T.S. is on our son’s life beyond basketball.    

How would you describe a typical training session at W.I.T.T.S.?
Very focused, organized and demanding of only the best from the athletes.  The drills are highly effective and truly catered to continue to challenge the athletes.  The coaches are incredibly talented and have an amazing gift for teaching the top level skills needed to improve.  Athletes of all ages attend and the same high level of performance is demanded in a very positive and translatable way that shows amazing results.  The training sessions create a bond in the gym for the athletes who attend – it is a very personal environment (you feel like it is a friendly family-like atmosphere) and every session culminates with a message that we know our son listens intently to and learns from, and he loves being a part of W.I.T.T.S. and giving a fist pump to his coaches and every kid at the end of each session.  

How would you describe the relationship W.I.T.T.S. trainers build with their athletes?
This is the aspect of W.I.T.T.S. that is difficult to truly capture in words to adequately convey the impact that W.I.T.T.S. has had on our son.  First, our son is young and he is observing every aspect and soaking in everything his coaches share with him.  He looks up to his coaches and they display in every single session an incredibly high level work ethic, perseverance, expectations, motivation, and a genuine interest in wanting to help each athlete improve.  Even though our son is young, we see he is developing a very strong relationship that will no doubt help our son succeed beyond basketball because he is learning skills from his coaches that will translate to anything he does in life.

In your opinion, what are the three greatest benefits of working out at W.I.T.T.S.?
#1:  Positive influence on our son’s life – he is learning so much more than basketball.  As he improves in basketball, which he is definitely improving, he also is gaining key elements in life that will make him successful beyond the game of basketball (work ethic, setting goals and working toward those goals, perseverance, grit, value of a team environment, etc) – he is young so he may not be able to articulate this but as his parents, we see it in him.

#2: The trainers are highly talented with an incredible knowledge of the game combined with a passion that translates to improvement in every athlete who attends

#3: Exposure for our son to a team and family-like environment

How has your life (or your athlete’s life) changed since starting W.I.T.T.S.?
He really enjoys basketball and he is learning what it means to work hard at something and see results through practice and learning and applying what he is learning to improve. We think he is making this connection beyond basketball (i.e. in his homework, reading every night etc.); we see in him how being a part of W.I.T.T.S.  is actually helping him make the connection between what it means to work at something and see positive results from the work.  

What does W.I.T.T.S. (Whatever It Takes To Succeed) mean to you?
It is a positive message for kids that translates to every aspect of their life.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Yes – a sincere thank you!  Honestly, our words can’t express enough how much we truly appreciate the time you invest in Emery and all of the kids who attend W.I.T.T.S.  And thank you for being an incredibly positive role model to help the kids understand what it not only takes to succeed in basketball but in life.  We think W.I.T.T.S. is a blessing in Emery’s life and want you to know we are grateful.